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(重定向自Enharmonic equivalent) 異名同音(或異符同音),又稱等音,在音樂理論中,是指音名不同而音高相同,除了G♯和A 的組合外,其他組合都是三個一組。這是平均律初出現時產生的概念,巴洛克時期以后,異名同音被廣泛使用。到了浪漫主義音樂時期,則完全普及。
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等音(異名同音)Enharmonic (equivalent), eg. F#=Gb, B=Cb etc. 基本音級與變化音級 NOTE: These terms are not commonly used in music theory teaching in English, intervals are instead described as either diatonic or chromatic in tonal music.
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enharmonic equivalent
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異名同音(いめいどうおん)とは,平均律において,音名は異なるが,実際の音が同じ音となる複數(一組だけ2つ,他は3つ)の音のことをいう。 エンハーモニック(英: enharmonic,仏: enharmonique )とも。 次の12の組合せである。 はピアノの白鍵, は同じく黒鍵の音である。
CHAPTER 1 SLIDES – ap music theory blog
重寫異符同音 Rewriting enharmonic equivalent 樂器知識 Instrumental knowledge 以指定調號寫音階 Writing scales with given key signature
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3. Keys, Scales & Technical Names
The enharmonic equivalent of this note is G natural, but you must not write G natural in the scale of G# minor – remember that each letter name can only be used once! Don’t forget that in a harmonic minor scale, the leading note (7th degree of the scale) is always raised by a semitone (half step) by using an accidental, even if you use a key signature for the scale.

E major
Its enharmonic equivalent, F-flat major, has eight flats, including the double flat B, which makes it rarely used. The E major scale is: Contents 1 Music in E major 2 See also 3 References 4 External links Music in E major [] Antonio Vivaldi used this key for the.
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