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均有 分 bai 公司 或附屬公司的 含義 du。其中,affiliate和subsidiary都是 指具 有 zhi 法人地位的子公司 dao。 專 affiliate含義較廣 屬,其可指 與母 公司聯系松散,主要特征是參股,直接或間接擁有5% 或以上具有表決權的股份,不為母公司控股的公司,即我們所稱的”聯姻公司”或”橫向聯合分公司”;其也可
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Material Subsidiary
A subsidiary of a company which accounts for more than a certain percentage (typically 5% or 10%) of the consolidated assets or consolidated revenues of the borrower and its subsidiaries. For example, the loan agreement may provide that only material subsidiaries are required to be guarantors of the borrower’s obligations under the loan agreement.
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Policy document on Material Subsidiaries
 · PDF 檔案A subsidiary shall be a Material Subsidiary for the financial year, if any of the following conditions are satisfied: a. Investment of the Company in the subsidiary exceeds 20% of its consolidated net worth; or b. Subsidiary has generated 20% of the consolidated
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Material Unlisted Subsidiary Company means, a subsidiary shall be considered as “Material” if the investment of the Company in the subsidiary exceeds twenty per cent of its consolidated net worth as per the audited balance sheet of the previous financial year or if
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material subsidiary policy
 · PDF 檔案Material Non Listed Subsidiary Company. The Audit Committee of Board of the Company shall review the financial statements of unlisted subsidiary company, in particular, the investments made by the unlisted subsidiary Company on an annual basis.
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 · PDF 檔案22/10/2014 · POLICY ON MATERIAL SUBSIDIARY COMPANIES OCTOBER 2015 Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited Regd Office: Ramon House, 169 Backbay Reclamation, Churchgate, Mumbai 400020. Corp. Office: HUL House, 165-166 Backbay Reclamation, Churchgate, Mumbai 400020.
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New Hong Kong Companies Ordinance

 · PDF 檔案material to the group as a whole; or their inclusion would involve expense and delay out of proportion to the value to members of the company. Where the company does not fall within the reporting exemption for the financial year, one or more subsidiary
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Tender Procedures for Government Procurement

 · PDF 檔案Subsidiary tender boards shall submit to the CTB at the end of the month concerned details of all contract awards where the lowest conforming offer (highest in the case of revenue contract), or the tender of the highest
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E.Bon Group

怡邦行集團,香港主要建築五金,衛浴,廚房設備及傢俬的供應商。E.Bon Group, one of the major suppliers of architectural hardware, bathroom, kitchen and furniture collection in
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25/1/2021 · Download < Back 25 Jan 2021 We wish to inform you that Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Limited (KFIL), a listed material subsidiary of the Company, has submitted to the stock exchange, where the shares of KFIL are listed, vide its letter dated 25 January 2021
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