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The Muskrat (Ondatra Zibethicus), The Only Species In Genus Ondatra, Is A Medium-sized Semi-aquatic Rodent Stock Footage Video 644347 - Shutterstock
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可輸入英文單字,中文字詞,臺灣地址,計算式 按[Enter]重新輸入 沒有發現關於 [rodents] 的資料 相似字 (pydict): rodent 相似字 (xdict): rodent 相似字 (gcide): Rodent 相似字 (wn): rodent 相似字 (moby-thesaurus): rodent
Capybara - Kapibara (Hydrochoerus Hydrochaeris ), The Largest Living Rodent In The World. Stock Photo 109373159 : Shutterstock


中文\英文翻譯: rodent KK: [] DJ: [] n. 1. 嚙齒目動物[C] The plains of North America are colonized by rodents. 北美大平原生長著許多嚙齒動物。a. 1. 嚙齒目動物的 2. 咬的,嚼的 上一篇詞典:rode 下一篇詞典:robinson crusoe 百度搜索:rodent GOOGLE搜索
A Large Rodent Nutria In South Africa Stock Photo 21161416 : Shutterstock

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Exotic Rodent Degu (African Squirrel) Stock Photo 61069891 : Shutterstock
Rodent definition is – any of an order (Rodentia) of relatively small gnawing mammals (such as a mouse, squirrel, or beaver) that have in both jaws a single pair of incisors with a chisel-shaped edge. Recent Examples on the Web After a squirrel bounded across home plate during the 2011 playoffs, the champion St. Louis Cardinals included a tiny image of the rodent.
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LCQ9: Rodent prevention and control

LCQ9: Rodent prevention and control ***** Following is a question by the Dr Hon Priscilla Leung and a written reply by the Secretary for Food and Health, Dr Ko Wing-man, in the Legislative Council today (May 15): Question: Regarding rodent infestation in Hong Kong, will the Government inform this Council: (a) given that the Rodent Infestation Rates (RIRs) released …
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Stepping-up anti-rodent measures urged (with photo)

Stepping-up anti-rodent measures urged (with photo) The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) has urged people to step up efforts against rodent infestations and stay alert to the potential risk of rodent-borne diseases such as scrub typhus and spotted fever.
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